Intro to the Owners - Part 1

Intro to the Owners - Part 1

In our 2nd and 3rd blogs we will be focusing on introducing ourselves as the owners and developers of Freedom’s Finest Foods to you! First up CEO and founder of FFF Teddy Omlor…

You may not care who I am as I am no one special and I probably wouldn’t care if I was you either, LOL. However I do believe it is important to really understand who I am and even more importantly why I am who I am and why I decided to start FFF.

First, the boring stuff. I am 30 years old and was born, raised, and still happily/proudly reside in West Michigan with my wife and daughter. I attended Grand Valley State University and double majored in Marketing and Management. I completed college while working full time over the span of 7 years. “A lot of people go to college for 7 years… Yeah they’re called doctors”. If you can name that movie we will get along great… I love to laugh, I have found that there is no better way to get through life and especially the toughest situations then by finding something to laugh at. Humor is a necessity in life and business alike. Anyways back on track now… In addition to FFF I work in manufacturing/sales as my day job and my main hobbies include hunting and trying to farm. I have some beef cows that I raise with my father in law for my little meat business I also run. I also just recently have started crop farming with my father on our family owned property. Between work, hobbies, and family I stay pretty busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My father was an entrepreneur who busted his ass to make a better life for my family; my mother was there assisting every step of the way while also working full time herself. My parents showed me that good things happen when you keep on keepin’ on. Show up, work hard, take chances, and chase the dream… whatever that dream is for you. That is what FFF is about, chasing what seems to be forgotten about in todays world, the American Dream. There is no greater blessing or larger stroke of luck than simply being born here is the USA. This country is the beacon of hope for the world. It’s where dreams come to fruition and people come for better opportunities. I want FFF to have an influence on changing everything from the seasoning used in our kitchens to the way we look at and live life. We are a company built around gratitude, hope, passion, and country. If we as individuals and business alike don’t pursue anything better or chase our dreams then we simply will never get better and our dreams, whatever those are, will never come true.

Every morning when I put Fry ‘N All on my eggs (usually hardboiled) and I read the dedication on the bottle it inspires me to take a moment and give thanks to not only the person within the dedication but to all those who have fought one way or another to give me the opportunity I have on that very day to chase my dream and live freely and safely. That gratitude quickly morphs into obligation and drive. I (WE) have an obligation to all who have and continue to serve and sacrifice to be the best that we can be and live life to the fullest in their honor and name. There is no excuse for us as Americans to not to chase our dreams and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

I hope someday to have 1,000s of different dedications on seasoning bottles floating around the USA and even the world inspiring as many people as possible to be the best that they can be while honoring those who serve(d) our country and communities. Can a bottle of seasoning help make the world a better and more fulfilling place? It sounds cliché but I truly believe that it can and that it will. I hope that you will help us spread our message and our products by supporting us, sharing us, and most importantly by chasing your American Dream.
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