Freedom's Finest Foods

Freedom's Finest Foods

Welcome to our first Blog! We will cover a wide range of topics and ideas moving forward including but not limited to our brand, recipes, freedom, hunting, and who knows what else!


Wondering who we are or exactly what we stand for? Wondering how we came up with the name or idea for FFF and what our goals are? Let's dig right into it!

My name is Teddy Omlor and my biz partner is Lee VanDenbrink. There will be more about us as individuals to come at another time. We were both born in raised in West Michigan. We both have a passion for the outdoors, our growing families, and our country/freedom. You may think that sounds quirky or fake but I can assure you it's legit. We both realize how immensely blessed we are and how much freedom and living in the USA is to thank for those blessings. Simply put, we stand for freedom and have made it our mission to promote freedom and honor those who have served our country and communities while chasing our American Dream. 

FFF has been an idea of mine for quite some time. I have been fortunate to hold many different positions during my time in manufacturing ranging from the bottom to the top of different companies but I always felt like I was missing something... A true sense of fulfillment. Making widgets and being successful/profitable was cool and rewarding in different ways but I never felt fulfilled. I always felt like there was a bigger purpose to be had... and then one day it hit me, food and freedom. Freedom's Finest Foods. Making the best seasonings and food while honoring the finest individuals that have fought and sacrificed to protect our country and community. I have always processed my own wild game, always loved to experiment with different flavors on the grill or smoker, and have always enjoyed trying new ideas in the kitchen. If we can bring some amazing tasting seasonings to help make your meal and life better while fully expressing and helping to grow the love that we have for our country then I don’t think there is anything better or more fulfilling to start a business around?

Our goal is to bring great seasonings and food to everyone in America and beyond. Through this we will also spread a renewed and strengthened sense of gratitude and pride. Every bottle or package of our seasoning has a submitted dedication giving thanks to a service member or law enforcement officer. These dedications are designed to honor and thank those for their service and remind us how lucky we are to be cooking or enjoying a meal with friends or family in peace and happiness. We are truly fortunate to live in the greatest country on earth and are forever indebted to many for their service and sacrifice to keep our country and communities safe. I feel we as a country and a society take our freedom and the sacrifice others have made for granted too often and I am hoping we can help change that and also restore and strengthen pride in our country.

Hope that gives some clarification as to who we are and what our goals are as a company. Can something as little and simple as a bottle of seasoning help change our world for the better? We think so, and we plan on doing just that. Excited to have you along for the ride!




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